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One and the only villa hotel in the old town of Istanbul Sultanahmet


Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites is the only splendid villa style hotel in Sultanahmet, built right beside the impressive ancient ruins of Sphendone dating back to Roman period. Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites is located on a stylish old Turkish street reflecting the traditional taste of local culture. The hotel building consists of two floors and 4 rooms furnished in the 19th century Turkish style in which traditional taste and Western influence achieved a delightful harmony.

Location and Area

Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites Hotel is situated on the truly premium location in town, surrounded by all the major historical and cultural sights in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, in Sultanahmet.

Hotel in Brief

Unlike all the other hotels in Sultanahmet, Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites provides a unique atmosphere due to its homely character, personalized service and spacious rooms.

Guest Rooms

With its exquisitely furnished large guest rooms and extensive guest services, Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites responds to the needs of the most demanding travellers.

Photo Gallery

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Topkapi Suite

Pleasant travertine stairs take you to the platform on the first floor where a wooden door hides the treasure of the Topkapı suite. The suite is 41 sqm. (441 sq. feet) with a 255 cm. (100 inch) ceiling where an old chandelier illuminates the room.
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Magnaura Suite

This beautiful suite is 39 sq.meters(419 sq.feet) including the 6 sq. meter bathroom with three wood framed windows facing towards the winter garden and the main court. It is a spacious room with high ceiling (255cm.-100 inch)
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Hagia Sophia Suite

Located at the ground level of the building and faces towards the historical Sphendone walls. The Hagia Sophia suite is 33.5 sq.m.(360 sq.feet) including the 6 bathroom. The marble decorated bathroom contains a 195 cm. tub with jacuzzi.
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Sultanahmet Suite

Through the main entrance, stairs lead you to the first floor. You enter the suite through the 65 sq.feet platform balcony facing the garden. The suite is 35.5 sqm.(382 sq.feet) with 2.55 mt. (100 inches) provide a spacious atmosphere.
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