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Villa Sphendone Suites Hotel Istanbul

One and the only villa hotel in the old town of Istanbul Sultanahmet

Sokullu Pasha Mosque

Sokollu (or Sokullu) Mehmed Pasha was born in Sokol of Bosnia in 1505. Thanks to his honest and trusty public service he was quickly promoted to higher ranks in the Ottoman Empire. After the death of Barbaros Hayrettin in 1546 he became the Admiral of the Navy and later General of the Army. He commanded the troops during the war with Austria outside Szigetvar in Hungary in 1566, during which Suleyman died because of his old age and illnesses.

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St.Sergius & Bachus


Small St.Sofia Mosque – Ss. Sergius and Bacchus Church

Small St. Sofia Mosque is located between Cankurtaran and Kadırga quarters in Eminönü District, 20 km away from the southern seaside of Mediterranean ramparts. Although it is stated in some sources that there was a pavilion of Big Palace, which is known as Hormidas Palace, and a basically planned church established for Apostle Petrous and Pavlos near Small St. Sofia Mosque, there is no proof which determines their exact locations.

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The Sphendone

Just 10 meters to Villa Sphendone Hotel Istanbul…

“It stands on perfectly level ground; but this is more to be ascribed to industry than its natural situation…. Continue reading


Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites is the only splendid villa style hotel in Sultanahmet, built right beside the impressive ancient ruins of Sphendone dating back to Roman period. Istanbul Villa Sphendone Suites is located on a stylish old Turkish street reflecting the traditional taste of local culture. The hotel building consists of two floors and 4 rooms furnished in the 19th century Turkish style in which traditional taste and Western influence achieved a delightful harmony.